Who Am I?

Riya Mary Cyriac is an aspiring author from Texas. She is the founder of The Young Writers Initiative, an organization dedicated to inspiring young writers all over the world.

While being in high school, she likes to read, write, and be part of her schools theatre, choir, debate, model UN, Indian dance, and council programs. In her free time, she writes fantasy, sci-fi, general fiction, short stories, and poetry. She is the author of “Of Suns and Spirits” and many short stories. She has been part of Wattpad since 2016 and just began her blogging journey. Her aspirations include becoming a lawyer, expanding The Young Writers Initiative, and becoming a published author.

Some of her interests include traveling, photography, making graphics, watching Bollywood movies, listening to music (any type), reading, talking to her family, planning things, and most of all, writing!

Her favorite books include Six of Crows, A Darker Shade of Magic, Caraval, The Handmaiden’s Tale, The Selection Series, Red Queen, Harry Potter, and so many more! She’s always looking for more reading requests.

If you want to connect with her, follow her on Wattpad @riyamcyriac, on Instagram @rmcwrites and @riyamcyriac, and on Twitter @riyamcyriac.